An avid engineer. Old school with new tricks.

My name is James, an engineer with a keen interest in building things. I studied electronic and computer engineering in Trinity College and have been working in events for the past 7 years in various technical roles. My biggest passion is building and fixing things. New projects are what get me excited and working at my best.

 Freelance software development design code engineer

If you have any new projects that need building, fixing or testing, I would love to hear about them. I have experience in a wide range of building techniques, from carpentry to C++ coding. That said, my speciality is in web development using JavaScript, mySQL and PHP. The majority of my experience here is due to my recent business venture, VisiLit.

VisiLit is a virtual venue where event planners can design, visualise and plan their future events in an online and collaborative place. A whole team is able to visit and begin making their dream events a reality together. Not only did we build this product for conceptualising events, we made tools for use in the commercial industry which allowed an event manager to sell their concepts to their customers, be they sponsors, exhibitors, attendees or event owners, and help them boost sales, save time and increase revenue. There's a demo available on request.

 visilit event production sharing software event technician engineer 

Events like gigs, theatre and any sort of live performance have always been a passion for me. I have taken part in various ways: drummer for upcoming bands; sound engineering at festivals; lighting theatre shows and event technician for the rest. It's a great industry with so many interesting people. I like working with individuals or small groups to get the best out of each performance, assisting a performance to be the best possible.